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Electronic Forms-Optio

Documents drive every facet of business, regardless of industry or company size. Experts estimate that a billion-dollar firm generates about 88 million documents and reports annually. Inefficient output can increase operational costs and decrease productivity.

The Optio e.ComIntegrate application allows the administrators to define the transactional document or process workflow of their application output.  Once  the delivery preferences are defined, the documents can be distributed through various channels, including print, fax, email and the Web.  The Optio e.ComIntegrate allows organizations to improve the efficiency of their business document distribution based on the recipients’ preferences, converting manual distribution processes into automated electronic processes.

If you want additional functionality, the DesignStudio allows you to create custom invoices, checks, purchase orders, bills of lading and other documents without extensive programming to your ERP application.  It’s a graphical, user-friendly solution that allows you to create and design documents with your specific business requirements.
Every day, more than 5,000 customers in industries as diverse as manufacturing, healthcare, technology, retail, government, food service, utilities and transportation turn to Optio e.ComIntegrate for document automation solutions.

Our output management, imaging and print management solutions streamline business processes like procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, manufacturing, hospital admissions and patient care.