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Effortlessly keep your data and business in-sync with advanced data technology
Itera is a powerful, fast and reliable real-time replication technology for power systems running IBM i. The Itera business continuity technology is a cost-saving solution for small to medium-sized enterprises that need to maintain a complete, accurate copy of their critical business data and applications on a backup server.

Itera virtually eliminates planned and unplanned downtime. Using advanced remote journaling technology, it replicates all essential production server such as programs, data areas, user profiles, device configurations, spool files, WebSphere MQ and more. Itera’s advanced auditing technology automatically finds and corrects data integrity problems and corrects them in real time, eliminating the resynchronization of entire objects if they are out-of-sync.  

Itera Vision Solutions is compatible with IBM i

Capabilities & Features

Key features include: 

  • Fast, efficient and reliable real-time replication with IBM i remote journaling technology
  • Delivers RPOs and RTOs that meet strict SLAs and regulations
  • Replicates data, programs and all essential objects to a backup server
  • Supports replication to local or remote backup servers
  • Access data on recovery server to tape backup, queries, reports and more
  • Performs scheduled high availability checks
  • Guided failover with straightforward checklists and documented best practices
  • Shows the status of your production server and recovery server on a single screen
  • Monitors multiple LPARs or servers from a single screen
  • Continuously monitors recovery server data to prevent unauthorized changes
  • Replication stats can be tracked, used for automation or integrated into management consoles
  • Alerts notify you of any HA issues
  • Periodic or on-demand audits and auto-corrections to ensure backup server synchronization

Benefits & Results

Key benefits and results include:

  • Protect your business from data loss and costly downtime
  • Reduce pressure on strained IT resources
  • Minimize the fear and risk of failover
  • Keep your business data and programs available even in the event of a disaster
  • The support of global experts with specialized data recovery knowledge
  • Replicates your production environment to a recovery server in real time with zero data loss
  • Protects virtually any SMB application environment, including virtual environments
  • Only takes minutes a day to manage with user-friendly green screen interface

Itera Vision Solutions with MCS

Itera Vision Solutions with MCS
At MCS, our focused partnership with Itera allows us to develop and implement efficient and affordable business continuity solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. We work closely with your senior leaders and employees to understand their unique needs and challenges. Our experts approach high availability and data recovery in a way that helps transform your business processes by focusing on the whole experience for technology users, rather than on one specific area.