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Eliminate Inefficiency and Focus on What Really Matters to Your Business
Document management is key to the success of any business, regardless of industry or size. Bottomline Technologies, a document management solutions provider, offers Transform (formally known as Optio), a feature-rich document system that adds functionality and value to your existing business processes and workflow.

Together, with Transform, we can create processes unique to your requirements that can improve outdated and inefficient document management processes, which are slowing down your business. With Transform, redesigning and keeping track of your invoices, statements, purchase orders, check statements, acknowledgements and more has never been easier.

Reducing your operational inefficiencies and improving the way everyone in your organization communicates, allows you to focus on what really matters: connecting with your customers and growing your business.

Bottomline Technologies’ solution is compatible with Infor

Bottomline Technologies with MCS

Bottomline Technologies with MCS
At MCS, our successful partnership with Bottomline Technologies allows us to be a reseller and provide businesses of all types leading document management storage and sharing solutions that reduce inefficiencies, increase productivity and streamline communication and collaboration across their organizations.

Capabilities & Features

Documents drive every facet of business, regardless of industry of company size. Experts estimate that a billion-dollar firm generates 88 million documents and reports annually. Transform provides advanced, yet easy-to-use productivity tools that can help decrease your operational costs, streamline your processes and increase productivity, while reducing inefficiency across your organization.  

Key features include:

  • The DesignStudio feature allows you to create custom invoices, check, purchase orders, bills of lading, and other documents without extensive programming to your ERP application
  • User-friendly solution allows you to create and design documents according to your specific business requirements
  • Create, design and integrate forms and processes to reduce inefficiencies  across your organizations
  • Save month end reports as PDFs and transfer them to disks for safe and secure processing
  • Documents can easily be converted into PDFs and shared with your employees, customers and other business owners via email, fax or printed file

Benefits & Results

Key benefits and results include:

  • Simplifies capturing, storing, securing and sharing information on a daily basis with employees, customers, businesses and stakeholders
  • A simplified way to combine paper and digital files into a single hub that allows users quick, easy and secure access
  • Transform has a customer base of over 5,000 customers across diverse industries who turn to this service for specialized document automation solutions
  • Streamline business processes such as procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, manufacturing, hospital admissions and patient care with Transform’s output management, imaging and print management solutions