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Celigo is a smarter iPaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) integrator that makes it easy to connect all your cloud applications and files, synchronize your business and customer data and streamline your process to ensure that every part of your organization is working together seamlessly.

The Celigo platform was built with the NetSuite business user in mind. With pre-built integrators called “Smart Connectors” bring all your data together in one convenient place. Even without IT developers, business users of all technical backgrounds can build dataflows between systems and reap the rewards of fast and reliable cloud integration.

Celigo is compatible with NetSuite

Celigo with MCS

Celigo with MCS
Our partnership with Celigo allows us to offer an integration solution that fits your unique business needs and workflow. As a qualified reseller, our experts provide ongoing support and empower everyone in your organization to use this exciting and innovative platform to see new possibilities and uncover hidden opportunities.

Capabilities & Features

From eCommerce to CRM to Supply Chain to Development, Celigo offers a broad range of prebuilt integrations for your NetSuite ERP to help your business get the most value from your data and technology.  

Key features include:

  • Intuitive dashboard that’s easy to use and understand
  • Innovative data mapping capabilities
  • Adaptors for a wide range of technologies and applications
  • Integrations that run at scale with lower costs
  • Support for real-time and scheduled data flows
  • Wizard-driven design interfaces that lead users through the Celigo interface step-by-step
  • Data loader functions across all your cloud-based apps
  • Intelligent import engine with retry capabilities
  • Robust customization capabilities

Benefits & Results

Celigo was named “NetSuite Partner of the Year” three years in a row because it has helped businesses of all types increase productivity and efficiency by getting their data and tools to work together.

Key benefits and results include:

  • Celigo is an integration platform that is easy-to-use for people of all technology backgrounds
  • The integrator streamlines manual workflows that cost more money and require more labor, resulting in reduced errors and poor communication
  • Cost-saving integration tools alleviate the costs associated with data that is manually entered and has to be processed by third parties
  • Integrator gives your business more time to focus on operations and strategy by eliminating many of your manual processes