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Secure and simplify your IT infrastructure with the most innovative, highest-performing network security fabric. Your internet security must be taken seriously, and Fortinet security fabric is what it needs.

Fortinet is the leading global provider of network security appliances for carriers, data centers, enterprises and distributed offices.

The emergence of cloud, IoT, and mobile is driving the need for a third generation of network security to protect the rapidly expanding attack surface and secure “data everywhere.”  Fortinet is once again leading the way with its’ Security Fabric, the first architectural approach to security designed to dynamically adapt to the evolving IT infrastructure.

Fortinet Security Fabric – Security Without Compromise

While cyber threats are becoming more powerful, networks are becoming more disjointed and complex. To enable an effective defense, the data and security elements across all of your various environments must be well-integrated, able to share intelligence, and visible. The Fortinet Security Fabric gives you control, integration, and easy management of security across your entire organization, from IoT to the cloud. It also closes any gaps that were most likely introduced when disparate security products were added, data centers migrated, and/or networks expanded.

The Security Fabric delivers effective, efficient, and comprehensive security by providing the broad, powerful, and automated protections today’s organizations require across their physical and virtual environments.

Fortinet is a solution for Networking

Fortinet with MCS

Fortinet with MCS
MCS and Fortinet’s partnership is committed to providing world-class products, services and technical support to our customers. Together, we can address and resolve inquiries relating to basic networking and configuration, and as a reseller, we can advise you on the products and services that best fit your needs. The role of the network in your business strategy is more important than ever, and ensuring it’s both fast and secure is critical to your success. Having an effective security strategy for your entire network can determine whether you are about to become the latest security breach headline or running a smooth and safe organization.

Capabilities & Features

The core firewall platform, FortiGate, is powered by a purpose-built operating system, security processors, and threat intelligence from FortiGuard Labs. The foundation of the Fortinet Security Fabric, FortiOS, consolidates many technologies into a simplified, single policy and management framework. The Security Fabric intelligently segments the network, from IoT to the cloud, to provide broad, powerful, and automated protection against sophisticated threats.

Key features include:

  • Provides customers with superior protection, deeper visibility and control, reduced complexity, and greater operational efficiency across their entire attack surface
  • Fortinet solutions are powered by the security services developed by FortiGuard Labs
  • Covers the entire attack surface – security can be applied to the network, endpoints, access, applications, and cloud
  • Utilizes security processors to reduce the burden on infrastructure, delivering comprehensive security without affecting performance
  • Enables a fast and coordinated response to threats – all elements can rapidly exchange threat intelligence and coordinate actions
  • Enables the security devices across your entire network to work together to cooperatively remove threats by; monitoring devices and traffic, intelligently segmenting your network, and sharing global threat intelligence
  • Enforces security policies with granular control and visibility of users and devices for thousands of discrete applications
  • Identifies and stops threats with powerful intrusion prevention beyond port and protocol that examines the actual content of your network traffic
  • Performs high-performance SSL inspections using industry-mandated ciphers
  • Proactively detects malicious unknown codes using a cloud-based sandbox service
  • Provides real-time views into network activity with actionable application, risk dashboards and reports

Benefits & Results

The Security Fabric allows security to dynamically expand and adapt as more and more workloads and data are added, and at the same time, seamlessly follow and protect data, users, and applications as they move back and forth between IoT, smart devices, and cloud environments throughout the network.

Key benefits include:

  • Security processors, an intuitive operating system, and applied threat intelligence, gives you proven security, exceptional performance, and simplified management
  • Radically increase the security performance, scalability, and throughput, while greatly shrinking space and power requirements, compared to CPU-based solutions
  • Enterprise-class security controls open new back-end service revenue opportunities with major financials
  • Stronger prevention and detection tools free up previously dedicated IT staff
  • Increased security posture reduces the risk of a data breach
  • Administrators spend less time keeping defenses up-to-date with the latest knowledge base of viruses, spyware, worms, vulnerabilities, ransomware, exploits, spam and dangerous web content sites
  • Earliest protection possible, resulting in less network downtime due to malware infections, intrusions, and other attacks
  • Security services content is created, updated and managed by a global team of Fortinet security professionals working around-the-clock to ensure that the latest attacks are detected and blocked