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Reduce the Cost of Physical Storage for Your Business Documents
Through our partnership with MaxRecall, a leading documents management solutions provider, we can streamline the way you capture, organize, store and retrieve your documents. As a qualified reseller, our experts work with you to design and implement document management solutions that easily integrate with the business applications you’re already using.

MaxRecall integrates into your ERP system to give you a smart, efficient and fast way to automatically capture documents created within your ERP. It also gives you the option to capture documents from email attachments, faxes, scans and more. After a document such as invoice or an order form is captured, it’s then indexed and classified and electronically stored, so it can instantly be accessed by authorized employees, partners and customers.

Whether you need a small or large scale solution, we’re here to help. Our experts specialize in finding and implementing the right document management technologies that custom fit your business needs.

MaxRecall is compatible with Infor

MaxRecall with MCS

MaxRecall with MCS
Together with MaxRecall, our partner of over five years, our experts are able to help you find innovative technologies and solutions to your biggest document storage and management challenges. At MCS, we design strategies that empower everyone at every level of your organization to make smarter, more cost-effective decisions to make your business run smoother and more seamlessly.

Resources include:

  • Click Here to view the MaxRecall Accounts Payable Solution Overview Video
  • Click Here to view the MaxRecall Accounts Recievable Solution Overview Video

Capabilities & Features

At MCS, the document management solutions we provide are simple, user-friendly and reflective of your business needs in the real world. MaxRecall automates many of your A/P processes to save you both time and money. Together, we can transform the way you operate and enhance your competitive advantage in the fast-moving, global business economy.

Key features include:

  • Import and store virtually any document
  • Access to keyword validation, automatic document linking, life cycle parameter definition and exception reporting features
  • Convert your paper documents into digital images and reduce the space required by traditional storage systems
  • File and retrieve documents quickly with digitized document retrieval
  • Allows multiple users access to millions of documents quickly
  • Allows authorized users anytime, anywhere access via web browser
  • e-Workflow, an electronic document routing system, helps users process work more efficiently, quickly and accurately
  • e-Fax provides businesses with a flexible, cost-effective method for delivering transactional documents to customers, suppliers and partners
  • The import processing feature: a conversion tool for large back-file conversion from legacy systems or everyday processes that allow document imports from third-party scanning systems

Benefits & Results

MaxRecall can help your business cut costs, enhance efficiency and boost productivity across your organization. According to industry analysts, on average, businesses spend more than 30 dollars to process each A/P invoice. An average-performing accounts payable clerk process about 25,000 invoices per year, costing a business $750,000 each year.

Key benefits and results include:

  • Reduce manual labor costs and overhead from processing physical invoices
  • Reduce clutter and storage cost from paper invoices and receipts
  • Facilitate retrieving and sharing documents with financial and tax managers, streamlining communication and preparations and audits
  • Empower customers to search for required documents without the need for customer service representatives