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Unlock the insight you need to succeed, realize business value, and empower your team with role-based analytics

To make the best decisions, drive positive change, and achieve your company’s goals, your team needs timely access to the metrics that matter most to your business. MITS Distributor Analytics is powerful reporting and analytics software that unlocks the information buried in your Infor A+ business systems, and puts your key metrics, and insight about them, into the hands of your team.

MITS software resides on your servers, is fully integrated with leading business systems for distributors, and comes with pre-built dashboards, scorecards, and reports for instant overview of performance, drill-down, and drill across capabilities.

MITS makes it easy to control how much information is accessible at the individual user or group level. And because MITS business intelligence and reporting software is installed on premise, your data remains securely behind your firewall.

MITS Distributor Analytics is compatible with Infor


At MCS, our strategic partnership with MITS allows us to provide leading edge business intelligence, analytics, and reporting software, tools, and solutions. Together, we offer a range of expert services to help you see real results from your MITS implementation and can help you ‘connect the dots’ between your business goals and the MITS solution. As an expert reseller, we help businesses like yours leverage MITS robust analytics and tracking tools to help your team quickly see the big picture, drill down into the details, solve problems, seize opportunities, and make decisions that move the dial on your key metrics.

Capabilities & Features

Unlike ‘vanilla’ business intelligence solutions, MITS is distributor-specific, packed with hundreds of pre-built, customizable dashboards, scorecards, and reports designed to address common distributor questions and metrics—so you get immediate value and fast ROI.

Key features include:

  • Easy report and dashboard customization and creation capabilities
  • Security you can rely on with data access control down to the field level
  • Mobile access for on-the-road productivity with a 100% browser-based interface that is optimized for tablets and smartphones
  • Drill down, sort, filter your data, and see information on a trended and visual basis
  • Automate internal and external distribution on a regular schedule
  • Create alerts when certain thresholds or criteria are met
  • Pull data from a central repository that syncs with your business systems, allowing anyone to create and modify dashboards and reports that deliver accurate numbers; no SQL skills required
  • Designed to be self-service; easy enough for anyone on your team to use and tweak, freeing up your IT staff to work on strategic projects
  • Role-based content empowers everyone from your CEO to each sales representative to make better decisions with tools designed specifically for their needs

Benefits & Results

Key benefits and results include:

  • Instantly tap into branch, product, sales, or financial details to know who to contact to ensure that action is taken and business kept on track
  • Use inventory scorecards and reports to track GMROI, turns, and on-hand value, so you can identify issues at the product, warehouse, and customer level
  • Track products with high on-hand value and low sales on a scorecard, or schedule alerts when sales fall below an acceptable threshold
  • Keep customers, suppliers or other stakeholders informed without giving them direct access to your systems
  • Set and monitor the optimized level of stock across your product lines and branches, and make a big impact on cash flow, stock outs, and customer service
  • Hold suppliers accountable and prepare for contract negotiations with vendor scorecards and reports, covering fill rate, lead time, order accuracy, and more
  • Understand supplier performance by location with vendor scorecards
  • Prioritize daily sales rep tasks by tracking top open orders, quotes, bookings, and collections data
  • Improve customer insight and engagement with comprehensive customer scorecards
  • Monitor how your pricing strategies impact margin, and how often prices are overridden and by whom
  • Empower division managers to run their own business—and hit targets–with profit and loss scorecards at the branch level
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