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Go Paperless and Improve Accuracy with Technology Improve the speed, visibility and accuracy of your transactions while reducing your business costs with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), an electronic message data format for exchanging documents. At MCS, we can provide a complete EDI solution to your business with OpenText, a product that allows you to easily send and receive business information electronically. As a qualified reseller, our experts specialize in EDI software installation, training, integration, ongoing maintenance and upgrades for a wide variety of industries that include manufacturing, distribution, retail, banking and more. We work with you to understand your unique business needs and existing workflow to find the best solution that will save you money and empower employees at every level of your organization to make smarter, strategic decisions.

OpenText GXS is compatible with IBM and Infor

OpenText GXS with MCS

OpenText GXS with MCS Our partnership with OpenText, allows us to create solutions that help your business reap the full benefits of electronic data interchange tools and technologies. From improved inventory planning to simplified supply chain processes to reduced costs through automation, our experts are here to help you find the right EDI solution for your unique business needs and empower your employees to do more than ever before.

Capabilities & Features

With EDI, your business can eliminate the manual processes that used to slow you down. The solutions our experts design for your business can help reduce human errors through the automation of your B2B transactions and communications.

Key features include:

  • Improved speed, accuracy and visibility across your organization
  • Reduced human errors by automating manual processes
  • Coordinate EDI project planning within and outside of your organization
  • Create the integration of incoming and outgoing transactions sets
  • Provide EDI mapping solutions
  • Enroll customers in VANs (Value Added Networks)

Benefits & Results

Key benefits and results include:

  • Reduce costs on filing, mailing and postage, paper, ink, labor and other manual processes
  • Shorten your order processing and delivery timeline, reduce your inventory levels and save money on storage
  • Meet corporate social responsibility goals by reducing paper and ink consumption
  • Your employees and your suppliers will know when a purchase order has been received through electronic alerts