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Improve Your Inventory Accuracy with Technology
RF-Smart combines the power of mobile technology with supply chain management to deliver unique productivity tools and services to wholesale distributors. This product goes beyond the basic capabilities of a traditional RF system, delivering reliability, flexibility and accuracy to your wholesale distribution inventory. As a NetSuite application, RF-Smart is a powerful mobile data collection solution that provides simple, yet easy-to-use tools to support the movement, management, manufacturing and fulfillment of your inventory in real-time across your entire organization. Not familiar with netsuite? Get familiar with it using our media library.

Use Data to Your Competitive Advantage
Using RF-Smart and other leading technologies, as a qualified reseller, our experts empower employees at all levels of your business to put smarter, data-driven insights into action and use them to quickly identify and fix problems on your factory or warehouse floor, and improve customer satisfaction rates. Together, we can help solve your most challenging supply chain issues and operations to give your business a strategic edge over your competitors.

RF-Smart is compatible with NetSuite

RF-Smart with MCS

RF-Smart with MCS
At MCS, we can help your business leverage the rich, mobile data solutions provided by RF-Smart. Our technology specialists work closely with you to design new operational strategies and customer experiences that reflect the transformative power that RF-Smart can have on your wholesale distribution business.

Resources include:

  • Click Here to view the RF-SMART for NetSuite Overview Video

Capabilities & Features

RF-Smart has been developing ERP, mobile data collection solutions for over 20 years. It serves more than 600 warehouses, distribution and manufacturing clients in over 30 countries around the world. The RF-Smart team specializes in operational excellence and innovation, and uses data to understand supply chain processes and mobile technology, fusing the two together to drive better results for your business, employees and customers.

Key features include:

  • Fulfill orders more quickly and accurately
  • Improve inventory accuracy and gain real-time visibility into your warehouse operations
  • Manage employee productivity across your organization
  • Option to NetSuite’s advances bins, bins management features or no bins
  • Helps you increase your inventory accuracy with technology
  • Other capabilities include; purchase order receiving, sales order picking, location count, item look-up, inventory transfer, cycle counting, physical count, transfer order receiving, transfer order picking, assembly build and more

Benefits & Results

RF Smart Key specs & benefits and results include: 

RF-Smart was awarded the 2014 SuiteCloud Developer SuiteApp of the Year for having the most impact in helping NetSuite customers transform and grow their businesses.

  • Advanced mobile business capabilities integrated with NetSuite help you achieve growth, offer better service to your customers and outperform your competitors
  • Operational improvements and innovations help reduce errors, costs and delays and can enhance the ways you fill orders, develop products and provide customer service
  • Comprehensive tools and ongoing support help ensure customer satisfaction
  • RF-Smart is a leader in mobile data collection and was built for NetSuite; application developers have refined their tools and features based on their broad client base feedback and experience
  • Apply and implement best practices quickly and easily across your business
  • A simple and clean interface is user-friendly for employees of all tech literacy backgrounds
  • Uses data to drive supply chain performance and customer satisfaction