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Gain deeper insights to better manage your prospects and sales pipeline
WebPresented’s CRM platform is designed with simplicity, flexibility and ease of integration in mind. It easily integrates with the applications your employees use every day and even allows your mobile workforce to enter data into its system from trade shows, partner sites and virtually anywhere in the field.

From integrated analytics to marketing campaign management to lead generation, and more, your sales and marketing teams have access to advanced, yet easy to use tracking and management tools to help them better manage your prospects and sales pipeline with deeper insights and greater confidence.

WebPresented is compatible with Infor

WebPresented with MCS

WebPresented with MCS
At MCS, we are a qualified reseller that can help you understand your business needs and implement the right customer relationship management (CRM) into your business operations. We partner with WebPresented to streamline all areas of your customer interactions and provide a flexible, easy to integrate solution with a customizable dashboard, analytics, management and reporting tools to give you deeper insights your customers.

Resources include:

  • Click Here to view the WPCRM features Overview Video

Capabilities & Features

WebPresented provides a wide range of CRM solutions that span across marketing, sales, management and other areas of business. The platform not only saves your employees time and effort, but also gives them access to data and insights that can improve your overall customer experience.

Key features include:

  • Sales planning, goal setting, activity reporting, incentive tracking, pipeline management and integrated sales analytics
  • Account management, contact management, customer support management and opportunity tracking
  • Customizable dashboards, Bi-directional exchange sync, mobile CRM and more
  • Active directory integration, social media integration, Infor ERP integration, Outlook productivity add-in and phone system integration
  • Activity feed, automated alerts and notifications, full user/role system security and multilingual support
  • Task management, project management, quote creation and management tools
  • Customer pricing and availability, product recommendations and full product customization, vendor rebate analytics, marketing campaign management, promotion management and reporting

Benefits & Results

Key benefits and results include:

  • Spend less time looking for your customers and prospects in cumbersome spreadsheets, notepads or emails; find them in one centralized and easy-to-search place
  • Transformed customer relationship management and consumers experiences in the age of mobile shopping
  • Decision-making analytics tools for sales and marketing teams allows these employees to optimize relationships with your customers, as well as anticipate and act on what they want
  • Use tools to have a better understanding about what is relevant to a customer and what his or her preferences are now and over time
  • Simplicity and ease of integration with the software solutions you’re already using
  • Mobile CRM that allows your on-the-go workforce to stay connected and enter data anytime, anywhere
  • Flexibility and easy to customize dashboard based on your unique business needs and user preferences
  • Lead generation and follow-up tracking features help sales teams never miss an opportunity because of forgetting to follow-up