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WINTrack and manage all your shipping needs in one place
Odyssey’s WIN (Web Integrated Network) logistics’ transportation management system make it possible to organize, track and manage all your shipping needs in one place. From creating bills of lading to tracking shipments to transacting with your existing and new carriers, WIN logistics has the features and tools you need to help your business meet its evolving shipping needs.

WIN has hundreds of carriers in North America to give you better rates, faster transit times and more choices. With WIN’s competitive rates, saving money in the short-term and long-run is easier for your business. Its suite of robust features helps you analyze carrier performance in virtually any lane in any transportation mode in North America, so you can make smarter, insight-driven decisions for your business.

WIN/Odyssey is compatible with NetSuite and Infor

WIN/Odyssey with MCS

WIN/Odyssey with MCS
At MCS, our strategic partnership with WIN/Odyssey logistics brings together deep shipping and transportation management expertise and a user-friendly interface that delivers a new level of value to your business. As a qualified reseller, we help businesses like yours leverage WIN logistics’ robust analytics and web-based tracking tools to help you save time, money and effort in meeting all your shipping needs across North America.

Capabilities & Features

The Odyssey WIN logistics transportation management system is a no-fee, web-based tool that offers robust tracking, comparison and analysis features that can help your business save time and money.

Key features include:

  • Tender loads, create bills of lading and track shipments all in one place
  • Easily transact with your existing carriers, find new carriers or choose trusted carriers and brokers within the WIN network
  • Gain better visibility into your freight spending, shipping processes and the carriers you use
  • Ease of integration; setup is quick and allows you to easily upload shipments from your ERP system into WIN
  • The spot quote feature can help you determine what solution is right for the capacity you need in a new lane or in an existing lane
  • WIN covers virtually any transportation mode for all your on-the-road, short-haul or long-haul needs across North America

Benefits & Results

Key benefits and results include:

  • Simplify your existing shipping and transportation management strategy by using one solution that eliminates the numerous phone calls, countless emails and multiple websites you use to currently manage your shipping needs
  • Advanced reporting and tracking features allow you to generate reports on carrier performance and provide a continuous monitoring solution to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money
  • Access to multiple carrier options; find the right solution to your unique shipping needs with the ability to factor in cost, on-time delivery and other considerations