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Experience the benefits IBM Power Systems can bring to your processes, operations, and employees

Businesses everywhere are realizing the benefits that IBM Power Systems brings to their processes, operations, and employees. IBM offers superior hardware, software, and services that work seamlessly with your applications and across your devices. From integrating disconnected processes and inefficient workflows to building industry-specific applications for the way your business works, IBM helps you do more faster, smarter and more cost-effectively than ever before. IBM I series AS400 hosting can get your business the results that it deserves.

IBM Products

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IBM & Infor A+

The IBM I Power Systems and Infor technology partnership helps businesses of all sizes, in every industry, meet their unique local, regional and global challenges. Together, IBM and Infor drive innovation across the technology landscape, deliver rapid low-cost deployment and faster time-to-value solutions, while optimizing the Infor applications your employees use every day on IBM hardware.

Key benefits include:

  • Minimize costs, maximize flexibility and keep your systems up-to-date with IBM and Infor joint solutions
  • Respond to rapid changes in technology, business, and markets with greater agility
  • Reduce operational complexities and gain rapid returns on your investment
  • Industry specific technologies designed to help manufacturing businesses like yours overcome their biggest operational issues
  • Gain greater visibility into your business processes and increase productivity and efficiency across your organization
  • Integrated software simplifies your distribution environment and helps you optimize your inventory levels, improve profitability and better serve your customers

IBM Power Systems

As an authorized IBM reseller and business partner, we have met specific IBM product approval criteria. Our experts are proud to represent the IBM Power Systems brand and the innovative solutions it provides to wholesale manufacturing and distribution businesses of all types, in all markets around the world.

IBM Power Systems is an open, innovation platform for businesses of all sizes. From big data and intelligent analytics to advanced cloud computing to open source technologies, IBM systems provide powerful, agile business solutions that drive your competitive edge in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

Key benefits include:

  • Avoid licensing fees and purchasing costs associated with closed, proprietary technologies
  • Source code is open users can customize applications and integrated to work with their operating systems and environments
  • Users are able to find and share exactly what they need when they need it using advanced search engines designed for content libraries
  • Flexibility to choose where your business data is stored with a private and hybrid cloud infrastructure

IBM High Availability

In a world where time is money and every second count, IBM can keep your business moving forward even in the face of disaster.

IBM High Availability (HA) is a complete business continuity solution with built-in disaster recovery and the ability to withstand all planned and unplanned outages while providing continuous processing power to the apps your business relies on. With this IBM solution and AS 400 hosting, you get more than just an immediate recovery point, you also get a recovery time capability that exceeds that of a non-HA solution.

Key benefits include:

  • Handles more recovery points, faster than a disaster recovery scenario
  • Provides a fully automated failover to a backup system so that your users and apps can keep working without disruption or costly delays
  • An immediate recovery point and a faster recovery time than non-high availability solutions

Resources include:

  • Click Here to view the MCS Infrastructure and Support Video

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MCS Services

Our IBM technology experts, analysts and consultants are here to help. Get highly-specialized technology knowledge and industry experiences from MCS, the experts who know IBM products best. From implementation to ongoing support, we provide information, assistance and answers when you need them most, at any step of your software lifecycle.

Installation, Implementation and Training

At MCS our customers are supported. We provide installation, implementation and training services to help you optimize your operations and processes to improve productivity, efficiency and profitability across your business.

Key benefits include:

  • Migration Services. We help you design the best hardware solutions to meet your unique business needs. From migration to installation to upgrades, our experts can help you future-proof your business for innovation in a rapidly evolving world.
  • LPAR Services. We take the complexity out of logistical partitioning (LPAR) implementation for your business. Our experts help you analyze your current environment, document partition system requirements, monitor system activities and results to quickly and effectively consolidate multiple workload environments, time zones and footprints within a single power system.
  • Performance Analysis. We provide performance analysis services that can help you determine which sections of the applications you’re using can be optimized for speed, performance and memory.
  • Training. Our experts are masters at training users of all technical backgrounds. We can teach users how IBM i operations interface with the applications they use every day to better manage performance on systems and partitions running IBM i solutions.

Maintenance & Support

As an IBM Advanced Business partner, we can provide services for IBM hardware, including Power Systems and System x platforms. Our experts specialize in finding the best solution at the best price. With MCS, you can meet your IT requirements and future-proof your technology infrastructure for growth.

Key benefits include:

  • We can can provide maintenance quotes, software and hardware support, system upgrades and more
  • Superior maintenance services that can make costly and problematic hardware issues disappear
  • Get the help and protection you need, whenever you need it at a minimal cost
  • Minimize downtime and protect your business against outages and recover data faster if disaster strikes

We love working with MCS

The transition plan with the upgrade to our new IBM 520 went ahead without any major hitches, and our business resumed as usual on Monday. We couldn’t be happier with the speedy and great service MCS provided.

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