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Preparing distributors for the future

Our partnership with Infor, a software that builds industry specific business applications allows us to provide complete, end-to-end solutions and productivity tools to wholesale distributors. Whether you want to drive productivity, efficiency, innovation or prepare your business for the future of technology, we have Infor support solutions for all your unique organizational and operational needs.

Infor Products

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Infor CloudSuite Distribution Solutions (CSD)

Enhance Your Business Operations
We provide Infor software consulting services, product expertise and insight-driven strategies that can enhance your business processes and increase efficiency across your organization. Using the Infor CloudSuite Distribution, a solution built specifically for wholesale distribution and manufacturing businesses like yours, help you overcome all the challenge of a global, everything world and the increasingly unpredictable fluctuations in demand.

CloudSuite software is an agile, ready-to-run platform that provides data-driven insights and advanced capabilities into your key business areas, including inventory management, pricing and rebates, supply chain and procurement, value-add, financials, order processing and more. With built-in security and flexibility to support your changing business, Infor CloudSuite helps your business save time, energy and money.

Key benefits of Infor business solutions include:

  • Reach and retain new markets through a streamlined ordering process
  • Improve inventory management and performance with deeper visibility into your operations
  • Meet growing customer demands for more comprehensive solutions from distributors
  • Make smarter purchasing decisions with advanced order control, inventory management and more
  • Simplify complex pricing requirements including matrix pricing, packaging breaks, pricing discounts, contract pricing and more
  • Gain deeper financial insights and better meet the challenges of operating multiple company sites with multiple currencies
  • Automated rebate management tools help you quickly recover rebates and achieve higher product margins
  • Access real-time data anytime, anywhere; grant controlled access to your partners, suppliers and others involved in your expansion to new locations
  • Reduce on-premise data storage costs with the cloud
  • Preconfigured and flexible business processes, templates, tools and training materials allow you to deploy and upgrade in less time with minimal upfront investment
  • Comprehensive threat monitoring on a highly secure infrastructure

Resources include:

  • Click Here to review the Infor CloudSuite Distribution Brochure
  • Click Here to review more information on Infor Distribution
  • Click Here to view the Infor CloudSuite Distribution Video

Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise (CSDE)

Modernize and Get Your Business Moving with Enterprise Solutions
Take your business to the next level with Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution Enterprise. This ready-to-run solution is built specifically to meet the needs of distributors like you, who are focused on growth, customer engagement, and have demands for extended services. The solution gives you the flexibility and scalability to easily take on new markets and quickly adapt to change. It gives you deep, proven capabilities in key areas such as order processing, pricing and rebates, procurement, supply chain management, financials, manufacturing, services, and more.

Even better, the solution is delivered in the cloud—which means you get cost savings, built-in support, efficient expansion capabilities, and security that follows industry-leading best practice protocols.

Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise is deployed in the Infor CloudSuite, an agile and flexible platform. You get a functionally rich, comprehensive, cloud-based suite that is made available through Infor’s partnership with Amazon® Web Services (AWS) to give you access anywhere, anytime on your preferred device. With the Infor CloudSuite, you get reliability and security you can count on and the ability to focus on your business, not your technology.

To succeed in today’s competitive environment, you need modern tools that help you address today and tomorrow’s distribution industry challenges. Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise offers the functionality you need in one complete solution, with the broadest capabilities from a single vendor—all deployed in the cloud.

Key benefits include:

  • Streamline key processes across your business
  • Effortlessly deploy the solution in new locations, using the same data and configuration, to give you the flexibility and scalability to easily take on new markets and adapt quickly to change
  • Facilitate global expansion with support for 39 localizations and 18 languages
  • Keep all of your distribution systems and data current, secure, and reliable
  • Optimize every facet of your operation from omni-channel sales, supply chain management, and procurement, to financials, value add, and more
  • Lower costs, increase profits, and reduce risks
  • Gain 24x7x365 access to your core business system and data in an environment that provides greater flexibility, hassle-free ownership, reliability, and security than you could provide on your own

Resources include:

  • Click Here to review the Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise Brochure

Infor Distribution A+

Streamline Your Business Processes with Technology
Our wholesale distribution specialists partner with Infor A+ ERP to help businesses like yours solve their biggest operational challenges with technology.

Today, traditional business models are becoming outdated with more companies migrating to the web and abroad. To survive in today’s highly competitive global market, your business needs Infor Distribution A+. This powerful and comprehensive enterprise solution is built specifically for complex distribution environments to help businesses like you streamline their key business processes and optimize their operational effectiveness. With Infor, it’s easy to provide better customer service, lower costs and reduce risks, and keep all your data relevant, secure and actionable.

Key benefits include:

  • Easily integrates into your existing systems and requires less customization, saving you time and money
  • See measurable improvement of business processes with data and make better decisions faster
  • Advanced order controls help you take advantage of complex ordering formulas
  • Get a better grasp on inventory control; establish reorder points, print physical count sheets and perform a variety of inventory control processes; handle off-site inventory with minimal manual effort
  • Manage single-level bill-of-material parent items such assortment or kits with multiple components
  • Manage the purchase of both stock and non-stock orders
  • Implement real-time management of warehouse workflows
  • Enhance your ability to track the true cost of light manufacturing services such as packaging, additions, repairs and more
  • Improve productivity and customer service proactively with real-time alerts
  • Manage the challenges of operating businesses in multiple locations
  • Built with IBM Power Systems for an secure, agile and cost-effective enterprise software solution that can be custom tailored to your specific industry and unique business needs

Resources include:

  • Click Here to review the Infor Distribution Brochure
  • Click Here to review more information on Infor Distribution
  • Click Here to review the why you should Upgrade your Infor A+

Infor M3

Empower Your Entire Organization with Technology Built for The Digital Age
Infor® M3 offers multi-functional capabilities combined with highly productive new technologies to support mobility and team collaboration. Designed for medium to large national and global manufacturers, distributors, and aftersales service providers, M3 provides industry-specific process support and functionality built on best practices, and an industry-leading user experience.

Infor M3 transforms your ERP solution from a system of record to a system of engagement. You can connect people across your organization to customer data and business processes in ways that best fit specific roles and tasks. Due to M3 being information and event driven, it brings relevant insights and prioritized tasks to the end user. Your core ERP users will be able to be more productive, with improved ability to prioritize workloads, as well as access to contextual information relevant to both the task at hand and the customer relationship.

Key benefits include:

  • Global solution with comprehensive and rich ERP capabilities
  • Modernize user experience with role-based homepages, social collaboration, and workflow
  • Covers your unique business needs with industry-specific functionality
  • A multi-company, multi-site, multi-currency solution, available in 20 languages, supporting local requirements for 45 countries
  • Flexible deployment options and implementation accelerators for a low total cost of ownership and short time to value
  • Respond faster to change, reduce excess inventory, and cut costs, no matter how complex your supply chain
  • Deployment on-premise or in the cloud

Resources include:

Warehouse Management Software (WMS) & RF

Empower Your Workforce with Technology
At MCS, we work with you to understand your warehouse operations, processes and unique needs. We perform a site survey for Radio Frequency (RF) access points, install and configure your Warehouse Management Software (WMS) and RF add-ons, and train users on RF technologies to ensure that all your operations are running smoothly and seamlessly when your upgraded system goes live.

The WMS solutions we design and implement can help drive efficiency across your organization by replacing manual processes with automation and RF scanning. Improve customer satisfaction, increase your order fill rates and accuracy and gain deeper insights into transactions and inventory movements with WMS. Make smarter data-driven decisions, identify and fix problems before they happen, and empower employees at every level of your organization.

Key benefits include:

  • Reduce the time and effort spent on manual picking and put-away with RF scanning devices
  • Increase efficiency and productivity across your warehouses
  • Reduce human errors with real-time insights into inventory movement and employee activities
  • Increase customer satisfaction by fulfilling orders more quickly and accurately

Storefront (eCommerce)

Create Better Customer Experiences
Storefront is an eCommerce solution that can easily automate online selling, servicing and sourcing for wholesale distributors. It is designed to provide a better online shopping experience on both B2C and B2B websites to keep your customers coming back.

Storefront has a robust catalog with advanced searching, order entry, tracking and account maintenance capabilities. When properly implemented and configured to your unique business needs, the software enhances the entire purchasing experience by helping customers find what they need quickly, learn more about the products they’re interested in, create personalized shopping lists and view their account information in detail, all in one convenient place.

Key benefits include:

  • Improved user interface that allows your business to customize your site with branding, logos, customized labels, text and more
  • Improved website display on multiple devices and web browsers makes it easier to meet the ways your customers consume data
  • Easily upload, preview, store and size your digital files and track how they are being used
  • Supports product restrictions using an API; knows if an item is allowed or restricted from being sold
  • Set up accounts to easily review, manage, approve or decline orders, budgets and spending limits

Intelligent Open Network (ION)

Work Smarter
With Intelligent Open Network (ION), the technologies you use every day work together as a unified whole. ION connects all your core business apps and third-party solutions in one place to help you better manage your processes, identify and fix problems more easily, and make smarter data-driven decisions, faster.

At MCS, we are experts at streamlining and accelerating your business workflow. We simplify the way your people communicate and collaborate, while providing the right information at the right time to help employees at all levels of your organization make insight-driven decisions, so your business can work more intuitively and cost-effectively.

Key benefits include:

  • Simply and seamlessly connect your core applications and third-party solutions
  • Manage your processes, find exceptions automatically and use data-driven insights to improve your business operations
  • Access decision-making information without having to search, sort and manipulate data before you can use it
  • Meet customer demands with greater speed
  • Navigate large volumes of data with ease
  • Seamlessly implement an ION solution into your existing business systems and operate more cost-effectively
  • Bring independent technologies together to operate as a unified whole
  • Find new possibilities and opportunities for streamlining processes and increasing productivity

Resources include:

  • Click Here to view the Infor ION Suite Overview Video

Financial Add-on (F9)

Simplify Financial Reporting
Infor F9 is an easy-to-use tool that links your general ledger to Microsoft Excel to ensure that all your numbers are updated, consistent and complete. At MCS, we help you understand your business requirements and get the most value from this complete, customizable financial reporting solution. From quickly analyzing specific data views and segments to applying filters that focus on a specific data subsets, F9 offers robust capabilities that provide deeper insights into your financials. Easily apply graphics and tables, and create beautiful reports that can easily be shared in multiple file formats with your employees, partners and stakeholders.

Key benefits include:

  • Create reports for any data range you want
  • Gain instant access to your general ledger with hotlinks
  • Choose the way you present and analyze data in your multi-company or multi-department reports
  • Generate consistent reports on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis with automated reporting
  • Quickly and easily add graphics and tables to your reports using simple drop-down menus
  • Easily migrate your F9 reports even if you change your accounting database or choose a different product
  • Drill down capabilities let you analyze any balance using various account code segments or the general ledger transactions
  • Send reports and/or notifications via email with your group lists and address book contacts in XLS, PDF, HTM and XPS formats

Resources include:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Create Better Experiences for Your Customers, Employees and Suppliers
Maximize the impact of every interaction across your entire customer lifecycle with Infor’s CRM. With industry-specific capabilities, flexible integration options and the ability to control how you deploy, use and pay for your solutions, Infor’s CRM is a highly specialized platform that helps you optimize your consumer engagement strategy.

With this CRM, it’s easy to quickly respond to challenges and opportunities in the evolving distribution landscape and highly competitive global market. Now, you can work faster, smarter and more cost-effectively as you manage thousands of transactions, processes, suppliers and customers, while simultaneously tracking the movement of millions of inventory items.

Key benefits include:

  • Create a consistent customer experience across all your channels
  • Drive leads, close more deals and deliver a superior customer experience
  • Meet increasingly demanding customer requests amid unpredictable global economic conditions
  • Give customers and third-parties more detailed information about their orders and accounts
  • Get deeper visibility into warehouse processes and gain greater control over vast inventories
  • Help your customers target additional revenue streams and achieve your growth goals

Resources include:

Enterprise Performance Accelerator Kit (EPAK)

Give Your Workforce the Right Tools to Succeed
Empower your workforce with Enterprise Performance Accelerator Kit (EPAK), a single platform for all your business process documentation, training and performance support materials. EPAK empowers employee knowledge, accuracy, and productivity by providing consistent formatting and messaging. As it records your keystrokes, EPAK instantly creates videos to help employees understand and get through your business procedures, so you can meet specific deployment requirements across the entire lifecycle of your software.

EPAK keeps your business running smoothly by ensuring that all your employees are trained on your current and evolving business processes. A more productive, informed and successful workforce is in reach when it’s given the rights tools to manage changing regulations, strict compliance regulations and accurate business processes.

Key benefits include:

  • A more productive, knowledgeable and successful workforce
  • Increased employee productivity by as much as 20%, while reducing the number of transaction errors
  • Simulate your business processes in the EPAK training environment to ensure that all of your employees have the skills they need to succeed in your business
  • Reduced costs and improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased productivity, consistency and accuracy across your organization

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Manage Your Assets Wisely
Infor’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software helps you understand the connection between asset performance and top-line growth, and how to transform data-driven insights into action. With EAM, it’s easy to streamline your asset and maintenance processes and increase efficiency, innovation and growth at every level of your organization.

Key benefits include:

  • Improve your asset performance, reduce costs and enhance your capacity to grow with EAM
  • Continuously monitor your asset condition and performance, evaluate data to find key trends and anomalies, forecast performance concerns and make decisions that drive action
  • EAM Enterprise has helped global companies around the world, including over 60% of the Fortune 500s
  • Cut your purchasing costs, inventory levels and carrying costs, while making your workforce more productive
  • Comply with regulations and requirements without any additional effort

Resources include:

  • Click Here to view the Infor Enterprise Asset Management Video

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MCS Services

As an Infor Gold Channel Partner in North America, we serve the needs of a broad range of customers within the wholesale distribution industry. Our seasoned experts sell, implement, support and help you manage your entire maturation cycle so you can keep growing your business into a highly successful enterprise.

Time for an (Infor A+) Upgrade!

As an Infor A+ user, you have already made a significant investment in your technology and upgrading provides tremendous value. For over 30 years MCS has been helping customers stay current and get the most value from their Infor A+ investment.

Preparing distributors for the future

Whether you want to drive productivity, efficiency, innovation or prepare your business for the future of technology, we have Infor support solutions for all your unique organizational and operational needs.

As an Infor Gold Channel Partner in North America, we serve the needs of a broad range of customers within the wholesale distribution industry. Our seasoned A+ experts can manage your entire A+ upgrade so you can keep growing your business into a highly successful enterprise and knock out the competition. Contact MCS today for a free upgrade quote..

Key benefits include:

  • The “Best-in-Class” mindset want the latest technology
  • Current versions eliminate potential increase in maintenance costs
  • Upgrading is the best alternative to replacing a solution
  • Functionality that is in alignment with modern business needs
  • Advanced technology leads to new revenue or cost savings due to overall increased efficiency
  • Upgrades lead to more functional, usable, and scalable solutions in addition to facilitating collaboration
  • More modernized solutions can support flexibility
  • Capabilities to utilize the software on mobile devices which older ERP versions cannot
  • Current versions have access to key performance indicators which are beneficial and operational metrics

* Version 10.02.00 is scheduled to be released at the end of March 2018.*

Resources include:

Enhancements, Modifications and Customizations

We help businesses like yours get the most value from your Infor technology solution. Our experts have worked with wholesale distributors and know the challenges they face, and the technologies they need to solve them. We have developed a suite of add-ons for wholesale distributors to better meet their business initiatives and growth goals. From streamlined shipping with UPS to AP laser check with Optio to Infor Storefront enhancements and more, our technology experts are here to enhance, modify and customize solutions to fit your business.

Key benefits include:

  • Get the additional benefits from features; increase your productivity, gain an edge over your competitors
  • Gain better returns on your initial software investment
  • Software enhancements allow you to migrate to future releases more easily, avoid technology obsolescence risks and reduce the costs of maintaining older versions by eliminating customization
  • Ensure your existing technology is compatible with other new or emerging technologies

Maintenance & Support

Enhanced customer satisfaction, improved overall efficiency and optimized processes are all within reach. Our software maintenance experts take a proactive approach to keeping your Infor product relevant and up-to-date. From fixing minor issues to adapting to new changes in your workflow, we’re here to support you at every step of your software lifecycle. At MCS, we make software more usable and turn maintenance into a great investment that keeps giving.

Key benefits include:

  • Help you determine if a software release is compatible with your strategic business plan and changing markets
  • Ability to stay on top of legal and security requirements related to data retention and the privacy and security of your employees, business partners and customers
  • Take a preventive approach to avoid problems and additional repair costs in the future
  • Make your software more attractive and usable for your employees, partners and customers

MCS helped us upgrade our Aplus software to the latest version under budget and ahead of schedule

Not only did their experts exceed our expectations and save us money, but they also trained us and got us comfortable using the new version features. Thanks to MCS, the transition to using our upgraded tech was relatively painless.

Justin Bearak

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